© John W Lasseter
About two years ago I saw my first Outrigger canoe at a local race and was immediately intrigued. One of the first ones that I noticed was an Ozone Hurricane like the one above. I then found out just how light these craft are and I planned to get one. The Hurricane is steered by a rudder controlled by foot peddles. As I age it has become more difficult to load my kayaks up onto my car racks, hence the interest in vessel weight. The Hurricane is amazingly light but is produced in carbon fiber and doesn’t like to be stored in the sun. After paddling the OC1 for almost two years I sold it and purchased a Tahitian Va’a. As I learned more I found information about the Tahitian Va’a or V1 which has no rudder. Control of these outriggers is completely accomplished by paddle strokes so your attention must be kept on the task at hand! Mainly keeping the canoe going in a straight line. It’s such a great feeling gliding along the slick, glassy, surface of some of these local creeks & rivers.