Welcome Internet traveler to my home page.  I   was born in Miami, Florida where I spent my early years swimming, biking & just enjoying the great weather.  Miami was still relatively small and my memories are fond of the beach, neighborhood movie theatre and riding the old Haulover bus which signaled my entrance to maturity.


My mom & dad worked in the family plumbing business which left me as a kind of latch key kid.    I'd walk home from school & hit the pool to swim.   In those days it was just fun to  feel  like a fish for hours on end!   Little did I know that, to some, it was called "working out", oh well, it just felt great!


The water was always an important part of my life & when I was around 15 surfing became my favorite sport / pastime.   While I was in college my career with the Miami Beach Patrol (lifeguards) began.


I retired as the Beach Patrol Captain  & ran away from Miami with my wife  on our boat  ( 40' Schucker  ).  Our big trip was spending the summer of "96" in the Chesapeake Bay.   Our stay in Washington DC lasted a month and included the 4th of July.  What a great city.... there was soo much to see as we peddled our fold-up bikes all over the city.  We lived aboard for three years & it was a great  experience.  Boat people are so friendly, interesting & helpful!!


Then began a new career as a Florida / National licensed massage therapist.   It was extremely rewarding to have given the gift of touch & healing to over 1000 individuals.   Working in Melbourne, Fl at the Professional Massage Center was  wonderful.


Fifteen years ago I returned from my "Surfer's Dream" as I had relocated to Hawaii.   I spent 8 months in paradise but came back to the state I call home-- Florida.  Lots more room & good vibes here!


I spent one year renting a cottage directly on Crane Creek (Melbourne).  What a view!  Beautiful sunsets, lots of bird life, manatees & dolphins.  There was a dock and a swing hung from a cypress tree.  I couldn’t think of a better place to have recharged my native Floridian roots than that cottage.


Currently I'm living in a small house in Indialantic (Beachside) where I can play with the yard & make the house "home".  Visit my links to see more.